This blog is, in essence, a public dream journal. Some of these dreams are very personal, and some are not. I have chosen to refrain from mentioning real names, with the exception of celebrity appearances (which sometimes happen) partly to protect the privacy of the people in my life, and partly to save myself some embarrassment. My choice to make these dreams public is not so much an egotistical one as it is an excuse to give the moments I write about a different venue. I have kept dream journals off and on for over twenty years, which collectively make up a stack of handwritten notebooks, loose sheets of paper, and the odd text file. Each entry, at the time it was written, was both an exercise in writing for the moment and the result of a need to capture a fleeting memory. Frankly, I don’t expect anyone to read this – but if they do, I hope the reader finds themselves in a tangible world of poetic prose where anything is likely to happen, perhaps even things that they have experienced themselves.


One Response to “Sleep”

  1. fela2fela said

    Yay, our blogs are the same! kind of 🙂

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